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Movers in Savannah Ga

We Are A Quality Moving Solution In Savannah Georgia.

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“In Savannah Georgia, rent a Uhaul, Penske, Ryder, Budget Truck, PODS' Container , Go-Mini Storage,Pack-Rat Storage, UPack Storage/Container or any other rental truck or storage container and we'll Pack And Load your belongings on it! It's that simple!

We're here to fill a big niche in today's Moving and Storage industry in Savannah Georgia. According to a couple of moving conglomerates, 70% of moves in the United States are Hybrid Moves where a customer does a partial D.IT.Y(Do It Yourself) move combined with either hiring a Driver to drive belongings or driving themselves and getting a company to do the moving labor(packing, loading, unloading and unpacking) or Both(the driving and labor) for them. And of course, the other 30% is our Traditional Moves. Here at W P and L Moving Solutions-We Pack and Load, we save you hundreds on local moves and possibly thousands on long distance moves. You rent your material we'll pack and load them.

Need Movers For A Local Move In Savannah?

We provide local Moving Labor in Savannah Georgia. That includes packing, unpacking, loading , unloading, and driving services for our customers. We work with several truck sizes. For Moving Labor we have a pack/unpack and load/unload special of $189; after 2 hours of labor, fees are $81 an hour prorated in 15 minute increments. We also have a Full Day $450 Moving Labor Deal as long as it does not go over 8 hours. For full service moving; we also have our $189 Mini Move Special that is for small to medium size apartments and partial home moves. Customers(if having full home) use this for movers to get the heavy pieces and while the rest is moved by themselves. We also provide a full day set price deal between $540- $630 for full service moves too, as long as the move doesn't go over 8 hours. Prices after fluctuate and customers will have to call for custom quotes. *Local Moves are defined as 50 miles of travel or less. Any Move in miles longer than 50 miles is considered a long distance move and maybe priced differently.

Relocating to Savannah? Or Planning a Long Distance Move?

Savannah Georgia is a Historical City. It is absolutely beautiful place to move to and possibly raise a family. We at W P and L Provide Relocation Services for businesses and Families; If relocating to Savannah or leaving the area please give a call for an affordable quote. Planning a Long Distance/ Cross Country Move? Shoot us an email or telephone call to see if we can give you a reasonable quote that is cheaper than most Van Line Interstate Companies. We are sure we can beat 95% of Long Distance Moving Quotes; we can't wait to hear from you!

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